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Florida license plate
The Parent's make a difference Florida license plate is helping put forth all over Florida the message that matters. As the first Faith based approved tag project in the state, it is the Gathering's intent to motivate , encourage and equip parents all over Florida.

As well as seminars, speakers, and parental coaching the Gathering will make available for concert appearances, Freddie and Lu Langston. Currently on a promotion based basis, this concert is being offered as a sponsored event by the Parent's make a difference Florida license plate.

Musical Shows
Now accepting dates from all over this great peninsular to promote what we know is the beginning of so many societal issues i.e. strong family life. Freddie, along with Lu his wife of almost 40 years will put on a strong, energy filled musical show that will enthrall all ages. So act now to take advantage of dates for this concert that will be a benefit to all.

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