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Papa's Dream

More is Caught than Taught

Papasdream is a concept of entertainment that became a reality for about ten years over in St Petersburg Florida. Throughout the seventies, Freddie Langston along with so very many friends created a musical center for entertainment in an old St Pete Theatre that had fallen on bad times.

Recreated for cause of creativity under the wings of Biblical leadership, Papasdream was a wonderful haven for all young folks to unleash and have a great time. Sensitive to their world, there was dancing, live music and great fun with the underpinning message ,"More is caught than taught"

Over the years there were many attempts for fresh ideas and ways to communicate God's great Love for his children. The mixture of socio-economic and racial lines was as healthy as it gets and there was a continual opening of God's word on site to offer sound guidance and truth for the fast paced developing youth world.

It was on the stage at Papasdream that the career of performing and recording was initiated for Freddie Langston.
Through the house band and events all over America, Langston became a real niche player in the world Of Christian Youth Conferencing for many years.

Please enjoy the musical youtube montage to experience visually and musically some of the history of Papasdream. i.e. God's way of loving His people.

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