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A Night to Remember. . .

very unique and exciting one man show

Night to Remember
Freddie Langston's "Night to Remember" entertainment package is a very unique and exciting one man show. Utilizing his time proven high tech keyboard setup along with computerized video support, Freddie's high energy show engages and involves audiences in a dynamic way. With over 40 years of stage work all over the world this troubadour with wit and panache will work the house to truly relax and enjoy.

Everyone is part of the show
Singing songs that relate from classic Rock n Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Folk and original material, everyone feels a part of the show. There is nothing more important on this man's agenda than moving his audiences to sense connection and warmth from the stage.

Freddie considers his presentation as a sort of "Enter-trainment".. in facilitating many to throw fear to the wind and join right in with all his antics.

Video Excerpts
Please enjoy the video excerpts included on this site to begin to understand what this seasoned performer could do for your event.

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